Land Rover Winter Support Vehicle

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Our Land Rover Defender has been away and been given a further boost by SV Lights who have fitted a Whelen Freedom Light Bar, Cruise Lights which aid in giving a 360 degree presence on the road.

In addition to the light bar they also upgraded the vehicle's emergency light control panel. This now simplifies the switching on and off of all the vehicle lights and emergency sirens.

They also provided replacement Led blue lights to the vehicle to improve the vehicle's visibility, particlualy in the weather we are having at the moment with lots of spray from all the water on the roads.

Visibility at this time of year is very much reduced so please remember to drive to the conditions and reduce your speed if needed.

We are also looking forward to receiving back our Range Rover which is being configured with emergency lighting and sirens.

If you need your vehicle fitted out with some of the latest emergency kit then we highly reccommend you get in contact with SV Lights.

Our Land Rover is very much our work horse for anything that can't be taken on a bike to events and shows, we also use it on the rare occasions that our bikes need to be recovered.

For more information please contact SV Lights on 01458 442061 or Website

If anyone, or buissiness would like to sponsor the livery on our new Range Rover please contact us via the contact us page.

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